Purple Hair

I dye my hair all the time. My natural color of hair is mousy and boring, and I like to feel, well, not mousy and boring. The first time I dyed my hair "crazy" and liked it was three years ago. My friends and I all decided to get a splash of red in our hair.Oh, and I wanted the red to be against black so it would stick out more. Almost everyone I talked to asked if I regretted the decision. After all, "dying your hair back from black is so hard!" Well. I don't care about dying my hair back to dull blond. So, no. I don't regret it.

Since then, I've tried a lot of different colors. I love them all.

Anyway, here's my latest change:
I kind of miss my blonde streak and the more naturalish look, but I change my hair so often for a reason. I love looking different and changing. I'll change it again. And again. And again.

But for now, I love my purple hair.

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