#Selfie and Why I Don't Hate It

1950: Remember the conical bra? I don't really, because I wasn't born yet when they were "in."

1960: Lava lamps, on the other hand, are still around.  They're not as popular or cool as they were in the '60s, but whatever. 
1970: Disco will never die! Kinda...
1980: . . .
1990: Remember the pants we all wore in the 90's? Yeah. Thanks mom.
2000: I definitely was a part of the stripey hair fad. Back when highlights didn't have to blend in.

Now: #Selfie

If you haven't guessed by now, and I'm sure you have, I'm trying to show that things fade in and out. Personally, I like to be involved with fads! I want to be the mom that's like, "Yeah. I had one of those cone bras. I rocked it." But I understand why others don't. Fads can be completely ridiculous to amazing to dangerous. And yes, selfies are 100% egotistical and a narcissistic, but you know what?

"I took so many stupid selfies. Wanna see?"
(laughs) "Yeah mom! Oh my goodness! Look at all these? There's so many of them! Man, what a weird time!"

So, that's that. BOOM!

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  1. Very good point! All your pictures are so cute!