dumpster diving

I have a confession
(PS 3 days til' I'm a Mrs!)
That's not my confession...
My confession is
*deep breath*
I'm a dumpster diver.
Now, before you judge me, let me explain.
Taylor and I LOVE going to movies!
It's like our most favorite thing eva'.
But do you know the snack prices?
like $7 for popcorn.
I'm so so sad when I gotta watch any movie anytime anywhere with no popcorn.
Which doesn't really ever happen because I have a lover who spoils me.
So that's nice! 

Anywho, so there have been several times where we have gotten our popcorn, eaten it all, and left wanting more. And then there just so happens to be another bag of popcorn sitting a few seats away from us, or a free refill bucket with some leftover popcorn (Kettle corn, of course!!) 
And we just happened to grab em... and eat them... and use the bucket for a free refill. 

Don't judge! If we can save $7 for popcorn for our next movie, why not??? 
It's smart! A little gross? Meh. But a great deal! We love it!

And we haven't stooped to taking a bucket out of the garbage...yet.
Have we looked?

~This post was written by Tay and Kolie~


  1. wow, t-minus three days! so exciting.

    Also, I salute you for posting this. You are awesome.

  2. My friend's dad has actually gotten those out of the trash. :/