we need the mula

I'm not a girl of means.
Never had much, and I've been perfectly happy.
(haha one year my entire Christmas loot consisted of a shakeweight)
Alls I'm saying is that I've never lived so big!
Taylor takes me out to dinner!
At places other than Village Inn and Sizzler!
And he surprised me with earrings from Icing, not Plato's Closet..LOVE him.
But this big-time-living comes at a cost.
So, I might just have to go back to Village Inn and $10 pants from Sears.
And maybe not even that...and until things pick up a little, I got to work!
I worked 10 hours today in heels. Ouch.
And I'm tired...
Tomorrow I work 11 hours..
then 10 on friday...
then 11 on Saturday...
All I want is a time where I don't have to fret about bills and debts and money.
But at least I've made some new friends at work...



  1. You're so cute! And that dress is lovely!

  2. Girl, you are SO cute! And I totally understand what you're saying. It's definitely a fantasy of ours to live without EVER having to worry about paying the bills, or HOW we're going to pay the bills :)