i can tell it's gonna be a good day-Priscilla Ahn

I love Priscilla Ahn, y'all should look that song up...referring to my title.
I had a good day today! So far...knock on wood.
I got called for a random job interview at Mikarose
(I sent them my resume like FOREVER ago)
She said I looked put together and cute and hired me on the spot!
No joke!
I went from jobless to two jobs..
Two jobs in RETAIL!
Ah yeah!
Plus, I got to pick 2 free things! 
I picked a $60 dress and I'll pick something else later.
I get a pretty sick discount too!
the dress I picked :)
After that, I was off to my other job!
I was a little apprehensive about telling my manager that I just got a rando job offer, but oh well!
It was a SLOW day, BUT my favoritest sis-in-law stopped by for a visit!
We chatted for about an hour :)
It was very much needed.
I love talking to people that say the right things and totally get you,
ya know?
Job offer + free little shopping spree + nice chat + 11 days til I'm married = GREAT DAY!
Which is awesome, 'cause I've been way too stressed and down and out lately :/
I love you all.
Email me for whatever reason whenever you wanna :)


  1. THAT DRESS.. gorgeous. you'll look stunning. you just must share pics! and lololove the necklace, buddy.

  2. ps, i just looked up mikarose... never heard of 'em, but... i love who they are & what they're about... go you, girl... go you! so, im thinking to give both you & me time, we should do the giveaway after your SOON TO BE wedding... i'm sure we both have enough on our plates (you esp) so that'll give a little cushion time!


  3. I had an awesome time too, love you! :)