I'm joining the Best F Words link-up again for Friday's Favorite F Word. I think it's cute. There's a lot of F words out there that aren't the F word, but naturally our minds do NOT go to those words when we hear "F-word," so it's a nice change of pace.

Today's F-word is "Face."

So, of course, here's my face:
I decided to take this word in a different direction than talking about face care. I hope that's alright.. Mostly because my face care is minimal and make-up use is only slightly better...oops. Don't do what I do, and take care of your faces!

Every face in the entire world is different. Your face is unique. Even identical twins have different faces, different looks, different ways of snickering or laughing or crying. Our faces are 100% individual, and that makes them special. 

I used to hate my face. Many times unflattering pictures or videos bring back those feelings. But when I think about it, the whole thing is kind of silly. First of all, when I pose all cute and big-eyed (seen above), I like my face. But even in real life or bad pictures, my face is my face. How can you think something is adorable one minute and then hate it the next? And what if you always hate your face? In every picture or video or reflection...? In my opinion, there are no ugly faces, just ugly expressions. Smiles are beautiful if they're genuine, frowns can be tender and sweet. We can all twist our faces into shapes that are unsightly; some people seem to struggle with that more than others (we all hate those people, right?). I kid, I kid.

But at the end of the day, I love the variety of faces here on Earth. I love how magnificent it is that we seem to never run out of faces. 

And out of all of those faces, I picked one of the best to see every morning.

And that is one adorable post :)
The Best F Words


  1. This is such a cool take on face! I get so self conscious about mine when it looks bad but you're right it's my face and how can we love something then hate it! And you and your husbands faces are adorable especially together :)

  2. Hey girl you can take the word ANY way you want! That's the beauty of the link up! Loved this post and your two cute faces smooshed together :) So glad you joined us this week!