Portland-PSU Graduation

Taylor and I visited Portland this past week to attend his brother, Stuart's, graduation. It was a ton of fun and I'm really happy that we were invited to celebrate this day with family.

I'm proud of Stuart! I've only known him for about three years, but he transferred schools, got married, worked a lot, and graduated with Cum Laude!! That's really impressive. I've known people that find it hard to go to class with a relaxing part-time job, so it just goes to show that we limit ourselves. It's always inspiring to see people that don't.
Stuart taking on the world

Big Graduation! It's a big deal!
Taylor, Me, Jenny (Stuart's wife), Stu, Suzy (my mother-in-law)

Me and Taylor

We also got to explore Portland! We've been there a lot, and I always love it. It's my kind of town! Big, quirky, loud, weird...I just love it!

We went to this ice cream place called Salt & Straw. It was. . .very Portland. Organic and weird. I liked the atmosphere, but the ice cream flavors left much to be desired. Among their most popular flavors is peach and blue cheese. Sounds interesting and maybe good, but it's just gross. My ice cream tasted like bathroom cleaner and Taylor's tasted like alcohol. I think we both secretly liked 'em though, 'cause we ate it all.

Lavender ice cream
We ate at food trucks, hung out with family, went bowling, watched a lot of world cup games, and had a ton fun! Maybe we should go again next week? I wish!

Taylor...alone on a bench

He ate an octopus. 

Me being mean to Taylor's brother Ethan. Just poking fun. I like that kid!

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