Matt Walsh, Get Off My Internets

Most bloggers are familiar with "Get Off My Internets," or GOMI, a website dedicated to discussing blogs and bloggers that should get off the internet. Well, kind of. A lot of it is just a way for people to rant about things that annoy them when it comes to blogging. Quite frankly, I've only been to this site a couple of times when my blogger, twitter, and facebook feeds are all boring and I don't want to get off my bum and do stuff, but I appreciate the site. A little bit because I'm catty and a little bit because I think there's some funny stuff like, " Lifestyle Bloggers: You don't know how to live. They can help." It's just so snide! I love it. I don't have a GOMI account though, so I'm gonna write a GOMI post of my own dedicated to Matt Walsh.

Matt Walsh is a blogger trying to "slay truths" or whatever. It's fine. In fact, I believe that anything worth reading shouldn't be the sugar-coated nothingness that bloggers now-a-days tend to write in order to gain massive amount of followers without offending anyone. However, Matt Walsh hasn't mastered rhetoric, so he kind of just sounds like a ranting lunatic.

People share his posts all over my facebook feed to passively aggressively show an opinion they'd like to be not-so-passive about. The first time I decided I wanted this kid to GOMI was when I read one of his posts on pornography. He forgot, I guess, that sometimes people struggle with things that he doesn't fully understand. He thinks that just because he hasn't experienced certain things, he has earned the right to "know better." The logic simplified is this: I am a boy, therefore, I know better than to sit while I urinate. Sorry for the crass example, but that's basically what it is.

 He's very accusatory and just kind of beats his point over your head with an ax of sardonic English. He's a good writer, sure, but he's a terrible arguer. He doesn't write about the truth, as he so fervently believes. The guy simply writes his opinions in a rude way with absolutely no credit given to those that oppose him. Buddy, you gotta acknowledge the opposing side in an intelligent way. You can't simply say, "People that disagree with me may think this. But they're dumb. And I'm right." It just doesn't make for a good argument.

At the end of the day, people that agree with Matt on every point will continue to follow him, but he's not convincing the rest of us that he's right. So, it seems to me that the whole blog is pretty pointless.

Matt, I commend you for writing posts that are controversial, but please, get off my internets.

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