3 things

Firstly, will you all PLEASE check out this blog from a dear friend? It's called borrowed + blue and is awesome! Awesome, I tell you! My friend Brielle is basically informing us all on how to host a big event (like a wedding) without drowning in expenses or debt!

Today I'm featured on her blog for keeping my wedding costs under $1,500. Yes. $1,500. Dress, photography, rings, everything! Wanna know how I did it? Click on that pretty box below!

borrowed & blue

And look, she even made a little custom banner of Taylor and I and our wedding date! I had no idea she was doing this, isn't it beautiful??

Stay tuned, because I've got a giveaway coming from this amazing gal, featuring her awesome design skills :)

Secondly, I make a lot of typos. It's embarrassing! I write a post and then I go back to read it (after plenty of y'all already have) and I see a typo. Then, that little typo burns into my brain and I'm sad. For forever. Not forever, actually...a relatively short amount of time, but still! I think it's because I blog at work during my little fifteen minute break. Not much time for proof reading. And sure, my grammar is sub-par at best and even my spelling is a little awful, but it's the typos that get to me. I feel like I must apologize for them. So..

I'm sorry.

Thirdly/Lastly, it's Monday. Does anyone else have the Monday blues?

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  1. I read your post on her blog, and I think it's awesome that you were able to do your wedding for $1500! I think we ended up at $2300--the most expensive thing was the photography, just like you. 2nd most expensive thing was the pastor?? Apparently, pastors to officiate your wedding are really expensive where we are. Ours cost $400--and he was my childhood pastor, too. My connections couldn't get me off, there, I guess. I found my dream dress for $150 in my home country of Malaysia and brought it to America in my suitcase! :P