why i almost quit blogging

For the last few days, I've been contemplating my blog and why I blog. I've also been thinking about huge blogs with tons of followers and what they have that I don't.

Quite frankly, I don't care about what brand my clothes are, where I got them, or if they're even in style. I just wear what I like and what Taylor loves. Haha, I really only care what he thinks anyway. And although I like to look at outfits of some bloggers and see what I think is cute, I don't really care where they got them, what brand they are, or how much they're in style either. So, obviously, I am not a fashion blogger. 

I love my followers, I love gaining followers and learning about them, but I don't really strive to have thousands of followers. It takes a lot of work, and really....I have enough to do. I still do button swaps, and giveaways, and use social networks, but I don't really care to have lots and lots of followers just to see the big number. 
You see that? That shimmer of light? It's called the sun! I'm so happy with this! Tangent over.
Anyway, I recently met a lot of bloggers, and I just didn't fit in. I really didn't care to. There were a few girls that were really nice and I would love to get to know them better, but I couldn't even talk to the rest. A little bit because I'm ridiculously awkward and shy, and a little bit because I could care less about anything they had to say. I didn't really care where they got their cute outfit. I didn't really care about the somewhat interesting story they had once. 
It's not like they did anything wrong! It just wasn't my scene. Because of that, I thought "I don't fit in with bloggers, which means I shouldn't be one"

I told Taylor, and I


Except, I kinda clearly didn't.
 But anyway there's no blogging rules! If you like it, read it! If you wanna write it, do it! So, maybe I don't fit in with 20 random bloggers, there's only about a zillion  more.

I'm gonna go ahead and be me....and just keep doin what imma doin :)


  1. AMEN!!!! I have a blogger meet up in a couple weeks and I'm a bit nervous cuz it's ll these girls that I just don't really fit in with either but I'm hoping I can maybe find a couple new friends ;) And I love reading yours, I know I don't always comment but I promise I read every post ;)

  2. I saw the pictures of that blogger meet up, and it made me feel anxious over here a state away! Those do not look fun to me at all, totally feel ya. I love your blog and I'm so glad that you're staying here. :) I like what ya write and I'll be here reading it. :)

  3. I've always wanted to do a blogger meet up, but I worry that I would feel awkward as well! And I would be sad if you stopped blogging. Because you're so right, there are no rules to blogging! And clearly there are plenty of people (such as myself) that like what you have to say. You may not be a fashion blogger, or a food blogger, or a mom blogger....you're just a Kolie blogger, and I like you that way. :)

  4. well said :) I try not to worry about the numbers but the numbers are nice. always good to reflect on why I started blogging in the first place. what a refreshing post!

    thank you for commenting on my blog :)