let's do this thing!

Taylor and I are ready for a change. We want to do things. We've been married for almost six months and the "we're adjusting to married life" is no longer a good enough excuse to go out to eat, laze around, and do practically nothing. So, we're making the change.

We took "senior pictures" on our walk  around town

We have kind of...well...we're really unhealthy. I hardly cook and we hardly move! But for the past week we've been trying to make a difference! We've been going on walks.At first I was thought, What is a walk gonna do? Really?? But when it comes down to it, no matter how slow you go, you already lapped the people sitting on the couch. We're also taking a close look at our diet. Our diet is AWFUL. So, we're keeping ourselves and each other accountable with every single morsel we put in our bodies.

We've been getting up a little earlier and READING. Taylor's already read like 2 books this week, and I've been reading too! We've also switched out some of our tv time with some talking! Just deep conversations about life and whatnot. We've also finished school applications, so that means real mind nourishment is on the way!

This is the most important part of our lives. We don't ever skip our evening prayers, and we've been reading talks and Gospel books. We still need to make sure scripture study doesn't take ever a back burner, but it's nice to know that we both hold this aspect of our lives in such high regard. We're always on the same page when it comes to what's really important.

The hardest part now is to stick to it, and, for me, not to compare myself to other people. Every time I do that, I get really discouraged. And we can't keep this up if I'm getting discouraged every day :(

What do you guys do to stay encouraged?


  1. I wish scott would diet with me. You're lucky you have Taylor!

  2. hi lovely! keep your chin up & you & taylor BE YOU! i think sometimes it's easy to get discouraged... especially being a blogger because a ton of life on here is made to look 'perfect'. sure, there are lots of blogs whom share the good with the bad, but i a lot of them are just 'perfect'. don't let that affect you & your happiness. just tell yourself & your man that you're both precious & lovely the way you are & then take that already precious & lovelyness & make it MORE precious & lovely... :) if you keep positive thoughts about yourself...it'll only get better! :) also, it's better to focus on one thing at a time... sometimes i feel like when i throw a ton of 'change' on my plate, i get anxious, feel overwhelmed & don't get stuff done. when focusing on 1 thing & making it habitual, it tends to stick... anyways, that was long! :) xxoo, praying for you!

  3. When the both of you are committed to certain lifestyle changes, I think that makes it easier, in that you can encourage each other! I'm still not a big fan of exercising, but I'm glad that my husband and I have been able to develop good eating habit together!