be a better wife

Love is in the air. You can smell it, you can see it, you can feel the sticky love all over! And seeing how it's the big Valentine's Day tomorrow AND it's national marriage week, I've got something marriage and love related to share.
I'm obviously not a pro on marriage, but I've been reading a lot about marriage from much more experienced wives, and talking to a lot of 'em too. They all say kind of the same things, and almost all of them agree that to have a happy marriage, you have to be a smart wife. You can't rely on your husband changing the things that annoy you. No matter how much you nag and whine and complain, he's not going to become better unless you make an effort to become better. Make sense?
So, I compiled a very short list of just a few things that help us women become better, and happier wives.

1.) He's Gotta Come First
I mean this in a material sense, but it is also very applicable with people as well. Your husband has to be of the utmost importance. We have to be willing to give things up for our husbands. Shopping, clothes, our dream car, even our dream homes. If our husbands can't fulfill our wants right now, then we have to stop constantly talking about all the things we want or "need." It makes him feel like a loser. And if you have to have all your nice things, just remember what you need to give up to have them. Family time? Maybe something your family wants or needs? Independence from other family members? A debt-free life?

2.) Don't cheat.
Yes! Of course! Don't cheat! But I don't mean just physically/intimately cheating, I mean emotionally cheating. You married your husband, and now he's your confidant, and your his. He has to be your number one emotional companion! Not your friends, not your mother, not even your sister. And, don't ever talk badly about him. Sometimes when we're really upset with our husbands, we want to call our mom or friends and dish. Not good. Not healthy. If you tell whoever all the things that your husband does to upset you it's 1.a betrayal of trust, and 2.dangerous. When you fight with your spouse, you forgive them and move on, but your confidant maybe hasn't. That's negative feelings that your husband is receiving, from you (directly/indirectly) long after the argument or fight has ended.

3.) Honesty.
It's scary to not know what's going on with your husband. He's your number one love! Having a completely open and honest relationship  with him is important. Not only does it build your trust for one another, but it builds your love. It's so nice knowing that I can tell Taylor absolutely anything! Even if it's something bad that I have done, and he has my back. Secrets, secrets are no fun. And if you love each other, like you do, then what is there to worry about? :)

Again, I'm not claiming to be any sort of expert on marriage. But this is what I think, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you :)


  1. First of all, LOVE the first picture...like A LOT! Second of all...love any marriage related posts. They are my favorite. And I so agree with all of these. I feel strongly about not talking bad which in my opinion is the thing that outsiders see the most. We might not see complaining about not having things or even the sharing/keeping of secrets. But the outside world sees the way you speak about your spouse and that is a very powerful thing. There are a lot of haters out there who want to steal your excitement about your spouse...especially when you speak highly of him. DO IT ANYWAY!! That's what I say at least! :) Only say nice things when it comes to anyone but especially your husband.

  2. Best quote ever: " You can't rely on your husband changing the things that annoy you. No matter how much you nag and whine and complain, he's not going to become better unless you make an effort to become better." So so true!! It's amazing how when you start to try and be better how that speaks more volumes than complaining to your husband about why THEY should be better. You motivate each other that way and your relationship thrives from it. Love this post!! You definitely are wise :)

    Thank you for linking up with Marriage Week!