blast of color: canvas project

I read two blogs today with cute glitter canvases in them (both done by Eryka at abcde), and ya know what?

It makes me wanna do another canvas art project. I've done two already, and it's so nice to have these huge displays of art that are so cheap and easy to make!

This is my first canvas art project, it's my adaption of the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. It's a little..abstract, but we like it ;)

The second one I did was so easy and so fun! These crayon canvases have blown up Pinterest for a while now, and if you haven't seen them and don't know how to them, well...here ya go!

All you need is:
~canvas (o'course!)
~crayons (about 60)
~hot glue gun
~hair dryer

Step 1: Hot glue the crayons onto the top of the canvas in any order you'd like (in this one, I just did them straight across, but in the one above it I tried to make a little crayon heart in the middle....wasn't my best idea haha)

Step 2: Blow dry the tops of the crayons from straight above (Note: the crayon wax can easily be splattered everywhere so you might wanna lay down some newspaper...and tape some to the wall. I clearly didn't.)

And there ya have it. So easy! And only 2 steps. You really don't need a D.I.Y. post for it, but I've never done one and wanted to try it out. ;)

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  1. This is so. stinking. cool. Totally doing this!!