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I'm not the best shopper. I don't ever really have money, and when I do, I never want to spend it on some "high-quality" outfit when I can just get a cheap cute one. It's not that I don't love to dress up and look cute (believe me, I do!) I just don't have the energy, dedication, time or money to buy something I don't need and think about how to make it work. Even if I really want something, I usually put it back on the rack and forget about it. Although, sometimes I tell my adorable husband about it and he goes out and gets it for me!

Anyway, because of these bad shopping skills, I usually get pretty bored/exhausted/bummed when I go shopping with most girls! But I love shopping with a couple of lifelong friends. These girls have been my main shopping buddies for YEARS, and I will never get bored of our shopping games!

Because all three of us seem to suffer from the same lack of skills, we make shopping fun for each other! The other day we hit up the mall and we played our favorite shopping game. We've been doing it for years and years, and it will never get old! Basically, we each pick out an outfit for someone, then we all meet up at the dressing rooms and have a little fashion show. The results?

We obviously don't go for actual attractive outfits.

But boy, we have so much fun!!!

I love that I have my girls that totally get me. Even if it makes us look silly.

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  1. Oh man the outfit description made me laugh. a lot. alliteration is funny... midriff mistake. lol.