Have you ever come home after a long day and remembered something amazing, like...I don't work tomorrow, or I've got a double date tomorrow with awesome people, or My house is kind of clean, or My husband is the best and he's making me so ridiculously happy and proud every day, and you suddenly melt with happiness?

 I am definitely crisco in a fryer right now.

Taylor surprised me with the cutest bear and a beautiful rose bouquet at work yesterday. Why? Cause he loves me! :) And then he bought me workout clothes today! I've never had real workout clothes....I just workout in whatever. But now that Taylor and I are supporting each other with a healthier lifestyle, he decided I needed new workout clothes! He picked them out and got them for me. They're really nice!! I feel very spoiled!

Also, look at my outfit today!! (I added the cupcake 'cause I want one)

I felt so springy and fun! I love the length of this skirt and the pockets!

You guys. I'm excited for the future, I'm happy with the now, and I'm learning from the past! What more can one ask for?

Make sure you guys are around for a sweet giveaway tomorrow!


  1. i'm 18% sure i commented on this earlier, but i like that skirt on you! & i found two more clothing articles i need to donate to the style of kolie. k thanks bye.

  2. I LOVE this. That skirt really is cute. And I love that you're doing so good. Makes me happy!